Atlas Aquatics are a leading supplier nationwide of solutions, equipment and accessories for ponds of all sizes. We can advise on the construction of a new pond or help you to maintain and look after your existing installation.

We carry stock of Pond Liners, Pumps, Filters, Lighting, Feeds, Nets – as well as a stunning array of fish, including Koi Carp.

  • Koi Carp at Fylde Water Gardens

Pond Filters

We stock a huge range of pond filters suitable for all garden water features and ponds. From small all in one units to pressurized systems for the very largest garden ponds you’ll find it here. Featuring exclusive brands such as APS

Pond Liners

Flexible sheets of PVC, Butyl and EDPM rubber pond liner. All of our liners are cut to the size that you need and come with a lifetime guarantee when installed properly. We only sell great quality pond liners so that you’ll always get the best.

Pond Pumps

Everything from small fountain pumps to large filter and waterfall pumps. Every garden pond needs water circulation and oxygenation to stay healthy. All of our pumps come with a quality guarantee.

Pond Cleaning

Pondomatic Pond Cleaner

Pond vacuums, nets and all other cleaning accessories. Pond maintenance is an essential part of a healthy, stable system. Products designed to make the job even easier so that you can spend more time enjoying your pond.


Sludge Buster

Here you’ll find everything from dechlorinators and good bacteria for new ponds to pH buffers and algae treatments for well established water features.  We also stock a fantastic range of easy to use pond fish medications for all ailments.

Pond Feeds

Tetra Pond Sticks

Your choice of pond food makes a real difference to the health of the fish and water clarity. Check out our range of foods for all times of the year. We also sell holiday blocks to help keep your pets happy when you are away.