We are so proud to announce the arrival of the best Guppies, Mollies, Platys and Swordtails that we have ever seen! Our Promise has always been to stock the best fish available and we stand by it. Here at Atlas Aquatics we are hobbyists ourselves with a passion for quality.

*All photos are of our fish and were taken in store*

Male Dumbo Guppy


Wow! Just… WOW! These fish have enlarged pectoral fins which, combined with that spectacular tail give the fish a real elegance. These Guppies have an incredibly metallic dorsal (back) surface so when viewed from above they look like neon lights!

Rainbow Metallic Male Guppies



These are ” Classic Guppies” as we remember them. They have so much colour it is unreal. The colours begin as bold patches on the body and condense onto the caudal fin (tail) to create a real firework effect!


Flag tail Male Guppies

These really have to be seen to be believed! The neon colours on these Guppies is incredibly variable and when viewed under natural spectrum lighting, you will need sunglasses! As they move, different colours appear to ripple along the body. Honestly, we can’t emphasise enough how bright these chaps are.



XXXL Female Guppies


We have never seen Females this big before. They are bound to produce large babies and loads of them. The top fish in the above photos is one of our standard large females. All XXXL girls have cracking colour and pattern too. These big girls really are beautiful!

Jasper Endlers Livebearer

These little guys are smaller than Guppies but pack just as much of a visual wallop! They are like green and gold hummingbirds. They are kept in the same way as Guppies and will cohabit peacefully.


Hi-Fin Lyretail Blood Red Swordtails

These elegant beauties are such a deep red! Like fireballs darting around the tank! They are always on the move and very visible in the aquarium at all times. These fish are XL and already producing beautiful red babies! They have a sword on the top and bottom of the tail fin as well as huge dorsals!

Kohaku Swordtails

Kohaku Swordtails are still quite rare in the hobby and we have no idea why. The contrast between the creamy white and the bold orange red is perfectly defined. Kohaku Swords are named after the Red and White Japanese Koi that share this exquisite colour combination. These fish are big and beautiful!


Tangerine Mollies

Huge Mollies with stunning high fins. I can’t think of words to describe the colour of these… Intense, Dazzling, Incandescent doesn’t begin to cut it! Really, they are that bright, come and check them out for yourself!


True Lyretail Black Molly

Accept no imitations! This is what a lyretail black molly should look like. Jet Black, perfectly balanced fins and a stocky build. These fish have already begun to breed and the babies are MASSIVE! Both Females and Males have the stunning Lyretail and males also have a tall dorsal fin which is used for display.


XXL Sailfin Silver Mollies

Chunky, Sparkling pure silver mollies! The males have a sail-like dorsal fin that is used for display but carried flat against the body whilst swimming.


There’s more… so much more but I’ve almost run out of time. These Fish are all so healthy and acclimatised to our local water. They’re so, so, so, gorgeous that you shouldn’t take my word for it…

Come and have a look this weekend!





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