Fish Stock List 29/08/20

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Marine Livestock

Captive Bred Kuda Seahorses (taking frozen food)

Porcupine Puffer Fish

Yellow Tailed Blue Damsels

Dot Dash Butterfly

Common Clownfish (Captive Bred)

Blue Green Chromis

Electric Blue Damsels

Humbug Damsels

Domino Damsels

Blue Cheek Gobys

Watchman Gobys

Sailfin Tang

Dot Dash Butterfly

Cleaner Shrimp

Dancing Shrimp

Blue Leg Hermits


Tortoises and Reptiles

Baby Bearded Dragons

Yemen Chameleon

Rankins Dragons

Hypo Beardies

Citrus Beardies

Red Beardies

Leopard Tortoises


Horsfield Tortoises

Map Turtles

African Helmeted Turtle SOLD OUT

Tropical Livestock

(Delivery Available To ”FY” Postcodes)

Betta Fish

(Pics to follow).

 Please message us on facebook if you would like to see individual photos)

Male King Betta (Huge Boi)

Female Koi Plakat (stunning girl)

Male Super Delta Metallic

Male Dumbo / Elephant Ears


Male Crowntails


Standard Male Reds or Blues

Assorted Females


Male Red Endlers

Assorted Male Guppies

Assorted Female Guppies

Red Tailed Blue Parrot Platy

Gold Tail Black Mollys

Black Lyretail Mollys

Red Leopard Mollys

Dalmation Mollys

Silver Mollys

Red Wag Platys

Coral Mickey Mouse Platy

Blood Red Platy


Long Finned Zebra Danios

Green Tiger Barbs

Albino Tiger Barbs

Metallic Rosy Barbs

Golden Zebra Danios

Glowlight Golden Barbs


Flame Tetras

XXXL Congo Tetras

Neon Tetras


Golden white cloud mountain minnows

Black Phantom Tetras

Rosy Tetras

Black Widows

Glowlight Tetras

Silvertip Tetras

X-Ray Tetras


Paradise Fish

Red Honey Gouramis

Red and Blue Dwarf Gouramis

Red Dwarf Gouramis

Cobalt Blue Dwarf Gouramis

Moonlight Gouramis


German Rams

Electric Blue Rams

Koi Angelfish

Black Midnight Angelfish

Assorted angels

Rotkeil Severums

Geophagus svenii

Geophagus Tapajos (sp. red head)

Jumbo Parrot Severum Pair

Thai silk Flowerhorn

Catfish and Loaches

Small Plecos

Ancistrus (Bristlenose) Plecos

Bronze Cory Cats

Peppered Cory Cats

Albino Corys

Clown Loaches

Weather Loaches


Mississippi Map Turtles

Zebra Algae eating Snails

Amano Shrimps (Good Size)

Red Crystal Shrimps

Blue Diamond Shrimp

Orange Sunkist Shrimps

Cherry Shrimp

Yellow Fire Shrimp

Powder Blue Shrimp

Madagascar Rainbow fish

Rainbow Crabs

Vampire Crab

Albino Senegal Polypterus

Grade SS Crystal Red Shrimp


Garra ruffa Algae Eaters

Large High Grade Orandas (Pics to follow)

Paradise Fish

Calico fantails

Red and white Fantails

Red fantails

Red and Black Fantails


Black Goldfish

Red Tailed Blue Parrot Platy

Cherry Barbs

Long Finned Zebra Danios

American Flag Fish

Metallic Rosy Barbs

Glowlight Barb

Red Fantails

Red and White Fantails

Zebra Snails

Glowlight Golden Barbs

Cold Water Algae Eaters

Long Nosed Sturgeon


Umbrella Fern


Green Dracena

Variegated Dracena


Leucistic (white with black eyes)

Wild Type

Pond Fish



Sarasa Comets

Buttercup Goldfish

Golden Orfe

Golden Tench

Gold Ogon Koi 2″

Large Koi (pics on request) 12” up to 16”

Assorted Small Koi 2-3”

Grade A Koi 4-5