Tiger Barb

Fish Livestock Update January 2018

The Christmas rush and record livestock sales has cleared the way for some exciting new stock in 2018. Here is what will be arriving in the next couple of weeks! Remember to let us know if you would like us to reserve any livestock for you!

Tropical Freshwater


Assorted types of male and female guppies
Endlers livebearers
Mollies: Giant sailfin, black, silver, gold, dalmation
Platys: Red mickey mouse, brick red, sunset, variatus, blue variatus
Swordtails: Blood red, red wag, pineapple, long finned double sword


Golden, opaline, pink kissing, indian, pearl, red honey dwarf, cobalt blue dwarf

Barbs and danios

Tiger barb, green tiger barb, cherry barb, metallic rosy barb, zebra danio, leopard danio, golden zebra danio, glowlight danio, giant danio


Silver, red tailed black, rainbow, albino rainbow


Harlequin, purple harlequin, copper harlequin, scissortail, lamb chop, galaxy


Neons, jumbo neons, cardinals, jumbo cardinals, congo, serpae, glowlight, black neons, penguin, rummynose, black widows, black phantoms, x-ray pristellas, red eye, silvertip, buenos aires, silver dollar


Black angels, koi angels, wild type angels, xxl angels, rams, electric blue rams, gold severums, green severums, rotkeil severums, kribensis, geophagus, convicts, oscars, blood parrot severum

African cichlids

Zebra obliquidens, nimbochromis venustus, yellow labidochromis, blue moorii dolphins, various peacock cichlids, pseudochromis demasonii


Plecostomus, sailfin plecs, bristlenose plecs, otocinclus, bronze corydoras, albino bronze corydoras, peppered corys, panda corys, sterbai corys, upside down catfish, glass catfish,


Clown loach, garra loach, pakistani loach, siamese algae eater, flying fox

Oddballs and aquatic non fish species

Spotted puffer, Figure 8 puffer, dwarf puffer, senegal polypterus, thai red claw crabs, red claw blue lobsters, amano shrimp, cherry shrimp, bumble bee shrimp, atya gabonensis, crystal shrimp, dwarf clawed frogs, musk turtles,

Indoor coldwater

Red fantails, red and white fans, red and black fans, calico fans, red cap oranda, chocolate oranda, blue oranda, black moor, panda moor, pearlscale, lionhead, paradise fish, rainbow shiner, cherry barb, rosy barb, zebra danio, white cloud mountain minnow, garra algae eater, striped hill stream loach

Pond fish

Koi (from 2″ to 20″) Goldfish (various sizes), sarasa comets (various sizes), shubunkins (various sizes), green tench, gold tench, golden minnows, golden orfe, rudd, yamagata goldfish, albino grass carp, mirror carp, long nosed sterlets, diamond sterlets


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