Juwel Aquariums

Juwel Aquariums, with over 50 years of experience in aquarium construction, Juwel produce some of the finest Aquariums available and are Europe’s No. 1 Aquarium brand.

Juwel have recently been honoured with the renowned ‘Brand of the Year’ Award in the Aquariums category.

With a range of compatible components, a Juwel Aquarum set contains all you need for a high quality environment and a stunning showpiece for your home.

Juwel Fish Tank sets include Juwel MultiLux LED lighting, Juwel BioFlow Filter Systems and Juwel AquaHeat Heaters – components specifically designed to complement one another.

Juwel RIO

From £339.00 inc. Cabinet

Juwel Rio 240 Aquarium Set

125 Ltr

180 Ltr

240 Ltr

350 Ltr

450 Ltr

Timeless design, perfected technology and meticulous workmanship. Stunning showpieces, Rio aquarium sets include all you need to create that perfect underwater world.

Juwel LIDO

From £349.00 inc. Cabinet

Juwel Lido Aquariums

120 Ltr

200 Ltr

LIDO Aquariums fit into any space due to a discreet and elegant design. Avaliable in 120 Ltr or 200 Ltr sizes, complete with all the components you need.


From £599.00 inc. Cabinet

Juwel Trigon Aquariums

190 Ltr

350 Ltr

TRIGON Aquariums turn any corner into a beautiful and decorative eye-catcher. A Trigon set contains all you need to create and maintain a stunning showpiece.


From £499.00 inc. Cabinet

Juwel Vision 450 Dark Wood

180 Ltr

260 Ltr

450 Ltr

VISION Aquariums accentuate the optical depth through a curved front panel, creating outstanding views of your underwater world.