Aquarium Heaters

We stock a wide range of aquarium heaters from top manufacturers to suit any size of fish tank. All have built-in thermostats to regulate temperature and provide the ideal environment for your fish, plants and other species.

What size heater do I need for my tank?

This will depend on the ambient temperature of your room and the temperature you require in your aquarium. Check our handy guide below.

Water Volume (Ltrs) 5°C Increase 10°C Increase 15°C Increase
25 25w 50w 75w
50 50w 75w 75w
75 50w 75w 150w
100 75w 100w 200w
150 100w 150w 300w
200 150w 200w 2× 200w
250 200w 250w 2× 250w
300 250w 300w 2× 300w
  • Juwel AquaHeat

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